About us

We in Dr. Al-Fadhli Lawyers and Legal Consultants Law Firm, in Riyadh, contains consultants with great expertise in Law to provide suitable legal services.
We are proud of our culture and heritage, as they are assets that must be preserved. We encourage the culture of respect for the individual and serving the interests of society to provide services with the highest professional and ethical standards. In addition to building sustainable relationships with our customers, gaining confidence, knowing the details of the customer’s trade, understanding the nature of his field of work and his market to achieve all his goals, and developing innovative solutions with high effectiveness and efficiency.
We provide integrated legal services that meet the requirements of legal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a high standard and we pay attention to every case to preserve rights and achieve justice.


Our Values:










Our Message:

Believing that the legal profession ‘being a lawyer’ is a noble one with a great mission that participates and cooperates with the judiciary in achieving justice, and contributes to the protection of lives, money, and honor. We are always striving to contribute to the advancement of this profession in accordance with the Sharia rules and applicable regulations.
From this conviction, we are keen to provide comprehensive legal advice to achieve the client’s legitimate goals with our full commitment to all ethical and professional rules for this profession. This requires that our capabilities keep pace with the needs of the client by supporting our expertise with a network of international experiences through cooperation with leading international law firms in order to provide legal services that satisfy the aspirations of our clients.
This success means reaching the customer’s confidence, as it is the basis on which professional success is built. Therefore, we believe that this trust is the cornerstone of all our work and dealings with clients. Hence it is necessary to highlight the principle of credibility and transparency to gain professional confidence. Therefore, our credibility with the client and transparency in dealing with all his works are the most important secrets of success and excellence.