Does ‘public policy’ impede the enforcement of international commercial arbitration?

In considering arbitration and its objectives, we find that arbitration entails reaching a legitimate means that settles a dispute between the parties to a legal relationship that has been struggling from some misunderstanding, error in implementation, or default from one of the parties. Arbitration includes the obligation to implement what is issued by the arbitrator/s, as it is the real goal of having an arbitration process that regulates the resort to arbitrators. The goal is not to have an arbitration system, but rather to settle the dispute in a peaceful manner. The arbitration process preserves the rights of the parties involved. on the one hand and speeds up the resolution of the dispute on the other hand, and this is one of the most important characteristics of arbitration. Nevertheless, when the arbitral award or the spirit of the foreign judgment in conflict with the public policy of a country, the judge will be forced to refuse the implementation of the award on the grounds of conflict with public policy. Hence, public policy is a sufficient ground to reject the arbitral award.

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